Creating Added Value for Channel Partners in the IoT Connectivity Market

Creating Added Value for Channel Partners in the IoT Connectivity Market

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As the Internet of Things (IoT) market continues to gain momentum, channel partners are presented with new opportunities to provide IoT connectivity solutions to their customers. However, to truly add value and stay ahead of the competition, channel partners must understand the key strategies for success. In this blog post, we will explore how channel partners can create added value in the IoT connectivity space and capitalise on the growing demands of IoT communications across mobile and reseller channels.

1. Initiate the IoT Conversation Early

To prevent customers from drifting away to other providers, it’s crucial for channel partners to engage in early conversations about IoT requirements. With existing customer relationships and current products and services already on the market, channel partners are best positioned to proactively discuss IoT possibilities. By initiating these conversations before the need arises, partners can stay ahead of customer demands.

2. Start Small and Keep Benefits Tangible

While IoT connectivity may seem complex, it’s important to start with small and simple solutions. By focusing on tangible business benefits that are easy to understand, channel partners can showcase the value of IoT. This approach allows customers to experience the benefits first-hand and gradually expand their IoT capabilities.

3. Deploy the Right Solution

IoT connectivity is more than just inserting a data SIM into a device. It involves a holistic approach that includes selecting the right SIM, network, platform, and commercial modelling. It’s crucial to avoid deploying inadequate solutions, such as using retail SIMs or mobile broadband SIMs for mission critical IoT applications. Channel partners must ensure they connect their customers with the appropriate connectivity to avoid potential disasters.

4. Position as Experts in the Industry

Avoid providing consumer-facing connectivity solutions without the necessary security, infrastructure, and service level agreements (SLAs) required for reliable, always-on service. Instead, position yourself as an expert in a specific vertical or sector, or leverage the expertise of trusted partners like Cellhire. By focusing on specialised knowledge, channel partners can provide comprehensive solutions tailored to their customers’ unique needs.

5. Leverage Expertise and Broad Experience

Channel partners should concentrate on fostering strong relationships with customers while expanding their capabilities to include IoT connectivity solutions. By partnering with experienced providers like Cellhire, channel partners can offer scale, resilience, pedigree, and expertise. Cellhire’s extensive experience, demonstrated by its satisfied customers across multiple sectors, ensures reliable support and successful implementation.

6. Partner for Success

To deliver comprehensive IoT solutions, channel partners should create opportunities and partner with specialists like Cellhire. By aligning with trusted providers such as BT, channel partners can protect their reputation while gaining support for new opportunities. Cellhire offers the necessary support during the initial stages and grows alongside partners as their capabilities expand.

7. Embrace the Growing Market

The rise of IoT presents both a threat and an opportunity for channel partners. The entire market is experiencing upward growth, and new partners with different specialties are entering the IoT arena. To capitalize on this trend, channel partners must stay aware and prepared for changes ahead. By being proactive, opportunities will emerge that allow channel partners to thrive in the evolving IoT landscape.

In the fast-growing IoT connectivity market, channel partners have a unique opportunity to create added value for their customers. By initiating early conversations, deploying the right solutions, and positioning themselves as experts, channel partners can meet the increasing demands of IoT communications. Collaboration with trusted partners like Cellhire and staying adaptable to market changes will ensure that channel partners stay ahead of the curve and continue to provide valuable solutions to their customers.

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Last Modified: 01/10/2023
Written by: Ella Dykes