Unsteered Multi-Network IoT SIM Cards

Empower your connectivity with Cellhire’s unsteered multi-network IoT SIM card and add resilience to your solution.

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What is a multi-network IoT SIM card?

Unlike traditional SIM cards, Cellhire’s multi-network IoT SIM card is not tied to a single mobile network operator and instead can connect to multiple mobile networks.

In the world of IoT, multi-network SIM cards provide unmatched flexibility and reliability, serving as the backbone for seamless and uninterrupted connectivity.

What's the difference between a single network and a multi-network IoT SIM card?

FeatureSingle network IoT SIM cardMulti-network IoT SIM card
Network coverageLimited to a single networkRoaming across multiple networks
Global reachLimited to specific regionsGlobal coverage in multiple countries
ReliabilityHigh, within the designated networkHigh, with seamless network switching
CostTypically lower due to more limited coverageTypical more expensive due additional coverage
FlexibilityLimited to one network providerFlexible, can switch networks based on signal strength and cost
RedundancyLimited, if the network fails, the device might lose connectionHigh, if one network fails, the SIM card allows the device to select an alternative network
Use caseSuitable for fixed-location IoT devicesIdeal for mobile devices that need to operate in multiple locations
Network downtime impactSignificant impact if the network experiences downtimeMinimal impact, as the device can switch the SIM to another available network
ScalabilityLimited scalability, may require changing SIM cards if expanding to new regionsHighly scalable, suitable for IoT deployments in various regions

Our permanent roaming solution has all the correct permissions to operate on foreign networks, eliminating the risk of disruptions caused by unforeseen roaming partner changes.

What are the benefits of Cellhire’s unsteered multi-network IoT SIM cards?

Coverage nodes surrounding person
Enhanced coverage

IoT devices can maintain their connectivity in areas where the signal strength of a single network is weak or unavailable by using multi-network SIM cards. These SIM cards can move between multiple MNOs, providing them access to a wider range of cellular networks.

Efficient gears and arrows
Redundancy and reliability

In critical IoT applications, maintaining constant connectivity is essential. Multi-network IoT SIM cards offer the device the flexibility to select and switch between the strongest available networks, increasing the reliability of data transmission.

Device speedometer
Unsteered for optimal performance

Cellhire’s multi-network SIMs are unsteered so they will allow the device to the strongest network. You can also override to select the network of your choice depending on its availability.

Management on mobile device
Full remote management

Using Cellhire’s SIM Management platform, you are in control of your IoT connectivity with the ability to manage your devices’ SIM cards, no matter where they are in the world.

Support headset
End-to-end support

Cellhire provides its IoT customers with support you can rely on. Our team of experts are just a phone call away should you run into any challenges with your connectivity.

World cell tower connectivity

Reinforced by Cellhire's permanent roaming IoT connectivity

Permanent roaming is where a traditional data SIM card is used outside of its home network for an extended period.

Although it may seem convenient, network operators are becoming increasingly alarmed due to the sustained costs they incur when foreign SIMs are operating on their network.

As a result, the network operators are implementing abrupt SIM disconnections, rendering your IoT devices inoperable & disrupting vital services without any prior warning!

Our permanent roaming solution has all the correct permissions to operate on foreign networks, eliminating the risk of disruptions caused by unforeseen roaming partner changes.


A partnership for success

When you choose to partner with Cellhire for your cellular IoT connectivity, you don’t just get a SIM card provider. You get a partner who is committed to delivering a solution that will drive success for your business. We take the time to learn about your specific application so that we can provide a solution recommendation that is tailored and right for you!

Once you are up and running, our team of experts will be on hand to provide ongoing support from device management, billing and usage monitoring and to provide any technical troubleshooting should it be required.

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IoT multi-network SIM card use cases

Our multi-network IoT SIM card is tailor-made for applications where uninterrupted network connectivity is vital to a project's success.

A lorry being tracked
Asset tracking

Whether its equipment between locations or a company making large-scale national deliveries, ensuring complete visibility of the assets is vital to the success of the operation. Multi-network IoT SIM Cards provide the essential connectivity and tracking capabilities needed to monitor the location and status of valuable assets in real-time.

Arrows for two-way-communication
Two-way communication

For many operations, effective communication is vital to the success and, in many cases, safety on the job. From construction workers to hotel staff, two-way communication is a vital tool that can be empowered by our multi-network IoT SIM card ensuring the teams stay connected and informed while enhancing efficiency and safety.

Logistics fleet
Fleet management

For businesses operating a fleet of vehicles, whether within a country or internationally, maintaining constant connectivity is essential for optimising routes and swiftly tracking vehicle locations as needed. Multi-network SIM cards will connect to the strongest network available, ensuring the best possible connection and continuous connectivity with the fleet.

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