Cellhire’s IoT Connectivity Solutions For Managed Service Providers

Discover how Cellhire’s cutting-edge IoT connectivity solutions can seamlessly integrate into your MSP portfolio allowing you to unlock new revenue streams.

Not offering IoT connectivity - you’re missing out on easy revenue!

As a managed service provider, you must have a competitive and comprehensive offering to win new customers and retain existing clients. Today, if you are not offering IoT connectivity as part of your portfolio, you are falling behind your competition and missing out on easy revenue. Global data predicts the market will hit $1.1 trillion in 2024 with a growth rate of over 13%.

With our range of IoT connectivity solutions, partnering with Cellhire can enable you to confidently expand your offering and start tapping into a lucrative market segment that is rapidly growing.

Cellhire’s IoT Connectivity Solution for MSPs

Cellhire provides a range of IoT connectivity solutions that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into the portfolios of MSPs. Our array of IoT connectivity solutions has been developed to meet the demands of modern businesses seeking reliable and scalable IoT connectivity solutions.

Why do Managed Service Providers offer Cellhire's IoT SIM card solutions

Custom measurement
Custom data plans

Cellhire offers IoT SIM cards with tailored data plans to match the specific data consumption patterns of your client's IoT devices, ensuring cost-effective and seamless connectivity for all their applications.

Cloud and wireless security
Enhanced security

Security is a paramount concern in IoT. Cellhire's IoT SIM cards can be configured to provide the right encryption and authentication protocols depending on your client’s application to give both you and them the peace of mind that the device and data are safe and secure.

Exceptional scalability
Exceptional scalability

Cellhire's IoT SIM card offering is scalable due to its flexible data plans and user-friendly management tools. Whether your customer needs to connect a handful or thousands of IoT devices, we can provide you with the right solution to meet their needs.

SIM Management on device
Real-time monitoring

When you offer IoT SIM cards through Cellhire, you also can also offer our leading white-labelled SIM Management Portal to your customers, giving them complete visibility and control our their IoT SIM Card estate.

Wireless connection
Over-the-air (OTA) updates

Cellhire's IoT SIM cards are equipped to support Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, enabling your customers to remotely update firmware, apply security patches, or configure their IoT devices without the need for physical access or manual intervention.

IoT connectivity use cases for managed service providers

Cellhire's IoT connectivity solutions cater to a wide range of MSP customers, from large enterprises to small businesses. Our solutions can adapt to diverse customer needs in healthcare, logistics, retail, and other industries. We ensure reliable and tailored connectivity to optimise operations and drive efficiency.

Supply Chain and Logistics
Supply Chain and Logistics

Cellhire IoT SIM cards enable MSPs to offer their supply chain and logistics customers real-time data, notifications, fleet tracking, and stock monitoring. With our resilient connectivity solutions, you can improve your customers' efficiency, enhance their experience, and offer a range of cost-saving and sustainability benefits.

Discover connectivity for supply chain & logistics

As an MSP Provider, you can enable your retail customers to improve their operations by providing IoT connectivity. From inventory management to security and loss prevention, IoT connectivity can play a significant role in improving business output, improving customer engagement and driving profitability for your clients.

Discover connectivity for retail

Improve the operational efficiency of your healthcare customers. From enhanced drug management to patient care improvement, Managed Service Providers who offer IoT SIM cards can enable healthcare providers to drive cost savings, operational efficiency, and increased profitability while engaging patients more effectively in their care journey.

Discover connectivity for healthcare

Managed Service Providers can revolutionise the manufacturing sector by offering IoT SIM Cards as part of their offering. Manufacturers will be able to effectively carry out real-time monitoring of machinery, production lines and inventory levels with connectivity powered by IoT SIM Cards. MSPs offering IoT SIM cards to manufacturing customers significantly contribute to driving productivity, minimising operational disruptions, and fostering a more agile and responsive manufacturing environment.

Discover connectivity for manufacturing

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