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Cellhire’s IoT SIM cards offer the perfect solution for devices that require reliable and uninterrupted connectivity, even in remote or challenging environments.

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What are IoT SIM cards?

IoT SIM cards are designed for reliable connectivity in challenging environments for IoT applications. They have rugged features like moisture and dust resistance, secure authentication, low-power options, and remote management for optimal

What's the difference between an IoT and a consumer SIM card?

You might think you can simply take a regular mobile SIM card and plug it into your IoT device. There are however significant differences between a regular mobile SIM card and an IoT solution:

FeatureConsumer SIM CardIoT SIM card
VolumeFixed volume of data for mobile usagePay-as-you-use billing for IoT devices
Contract LengthTypically 1 to 2-year contractsMore flexible contract options available
Remote AccessDynamic public internet – no remote accessSecure remote access via static IP options
VPN OptionsUsually not includedVPN options available including IPSec VPN.
Secure Data TransportStandard security featuresEnhanced security features for IoT
Management and ControlLimited control via carrier's mobile app or websiteWeb-based platform for centralised management
API InterfaceLimited or no API accessAPIs for integration with IoT platforms
Standard Form FactorsStandard SIM card sizes (Mini, Micro, Nano)Standard SIM card sizes (Mini, Micro, Nano) and eSIM MFF2
Industrial GradeConsumer-grade SIM cardsDesigned for industrial environments
Low Power TechnologyNoYes

Our IoT SIM card solutions are built to be network resilient and for the purpose that they are intended.

Why choose Cellhire's IoT SIM Card Solution?

Custom measurement
Custom data plans

Cellhire offers IoT SIM cards with tailored data plans to match the specific data consumption patterns of your IoT devices, ensuring cost-effective and seamless connectivity for all your applications.

Cloud and wireless security
Enhanced security

Security is a paramount concern in IoT. Cellhire's IoT SIM cards can be configured to provide the right encryption and authentication protocols depending on your application to give you the peace of mind that your device and data is safe and secure.


Cellhire's IoT SIM card offering is exceptionally scalable due to its flexible data plans and user-friendly management tools. Whether you need to connect a handful or thousands of IoT devices, you can easily customise and adjust your data plans to match your evolving needs.

SIM Management on device
Real-time monitoring

When you choose Cellhire for your IoT SIM cards, you also get access to our leading SIM Management Portal, giving you complete visabiltiy and control our your IoT SIM Card estate.

Wireless connection
Over-the-air (OTA) updates

Cellhire's IoT SIM cards are equipped to support Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, enabling you to remotely update firmware, apply security patches, or configure your IoT devices without the need for physical access or manual intervention.


Choosing Cellhire: a partnership for success

When you choose to partner with Cellhire for your cellular IoT connectivity, you don’t just get a SIM card provider. You get a partner who is committed to delivering a solution that will underpin your critical business applications.

Take advantage of Cellhire’s exclusive IoT solutions and unlock the potential of seamless SIM management for your IoT devices with Cellhire's SIM Management Portal – where control meets convenience, and your success is our priority.

Rest assured, security and compliance are at the core of our solutions, and our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you, whatever your IoT connectivity needs.

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