Cellhire’s IoT SIM Management

Cellhire's IoT SIM Management Portal gives you real-time control to manage your IoT SIM portfolio quickly and easily in remote locations, all from a feature-rich single view.

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What is Cellhire’s IoT SIM Management Portal?

Cellhire's IoT SIM Management Portal is your solution for streamlined SIM card management. Whether you're handling a single SIM or managing thousands across multiple locations, our feature-rich portal provides you with real-time control and unmatched ease of use across multiple networks, all in one place.

A portal that puts you in control

Image of a screen with a allowing users the ability to control the SIM
SIM management

Make real time changes with access to tariffs, provisioning, barring, call rates, CDRs, call detail and invoicing to help you manage risks and effectively manage your IoT SIMs.

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Realtime diagnostics

Resolve 90% of support issues yourself, aiding your time efficiency.

Automated alerts
Automation rules

Automation rules & triggers to control your connectivity behaviour.

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Make informed decisions with real time data on SIM card status and usage.

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Easily integrate with your own frontend systems for seamless integration.

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Zero touch management of devices & data, giving you the freedom to focus on what matters most to your business.


Choosing Cellhire: a partnership for success

When you choose to partner with Cellhire for your cellular IoT connectivity, you don’t just get a SIM card provider. You get a partner who is committed to delivering a solution that will drive success for your business.

Take advantage of Cellhire’s exclusive IoT solutions and unlock the potential of seamless SIM management for your IoT devices with Cellhire's SIM Management Portal – where control meets convenience, and your success is our priority.

Rest assured, security and compliance are at the core of our solutions, and our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you, whatever your IoT connectivity needs.

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