Multi-network SIM solution for payment terminals

Cellhire provides multi-network SIMs for a channel partner’s point of sales client.

SectorPoint of sale systems (POS)
SIM cards supplied:200+


A Channel Partner’s client, a point of sales business, was using singular network SIM cards inserted into various payment terminals, including portable card payment devices for easy contactless transactions. As the SIM cards were on a single network solution, the payment terminals struggled to connect due to weak signal in areas with limited coverage or cases of network downtime.

Mobile payment terminals are used across various industries from hospitality and retail for instore payments, payment on the go, self-service and commerce services. As payment terminals are used for multiple use cases across the country, they maintain varying network conditions due to use in remote locations for festivals for example or densely populated areas within a city for transport services as another. Single-network SIM solutions rely solely on one network, which means that if that network experiences downtime or poor connectivity in a certain area then the payment terminals will fail to process transactions, leading to a potential loss of sales and inconvenience for the customer.

In cases of network congestion or technical issues, only having one network to rely on proves to be a risk, especially in built-up or densely populated areas where network congestion is more likely to occur. On the other hand, the use of payment terminals in remote areas on a single network SIM card can result in loss of connection because of weak or no signal on that network.

The point of sales business was therefore in need of a solution from their Channel Partner which provided further reliability and redundancy in such circumstances.

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Solution typeUnsteered multi-network IoT solution


The Channel Partner came to Cellhire in need of a supplier for multi-network data SIM card solutions for their point of sales client. Unlike traditional SIM cards, Cellhire’s multi-network IoT SIM card is not tied to a single mobile network operator and instead can connect to multiple mobile networks, including the leading 4 UK networks, Vodafone, O2, EE and Three. Cellhire provided over 200 SIM cards on an unsteered multi-network solution with fixed IP capabilities.

With minimal downtime impact because of the ability to seamlessly transition to the strongest available network, Cellhire’s multi-network SIM solutions provided increased redundancy and reliability for the Channel Partner’s client, ensuring they could provide the best service to the client’s customers.

With one simple bill to manage and Cellhire’s in-house SIM management portal with white label capabilities, the Channel Partner and their client were able to view and manage their SIMs remotely all in one place, allowing for increased efficiency and oversight of operations.


Cellhire delivered an unsteered multi-network solution to the Chanel Partner’s point of sales client so that their customers received a better and more seamless service. The payment terminals no longer faced network outages due to consistent and reliable connectivity through Cellhire’s multi-network SIM card switching to the strongest available network.

The Channel Partner had one simple contract and bill to manage with Cellhire, giving their client increased visibility and control over its fleet of SIMs.

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