IoT SIM and Router Solutions

When it comes to ensuring connectivity for your IoT applications, especially in areas where widespread Wi-Fi availability may not be an option, our IoT SIM and router solutions stand out as the perfect package.

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What is our IoT SIM and router solution? 

Cellhire’s IoT SIM and router bundle offers the perfect blend of connectivity, flexibility, and security by utilising the strength of our multi-network roaming IoT SIM cards with our state-of-the-art IoT routers.

This perfect partnership can be configured to provide you remote access options, enabling seamless device management.

Applications for our IoT SIM and router solution

Fibre optic cable
Pre-fibre installations

Ideal for offices, stores, warehouses, and construction sites, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity during the transition to fibre.

Wi-Fi services

Perfect for providing Wi-Fi on trains, buses, and other transportation services, enhancing the passenger experience.

Advertising and social media
Digital advertising

Empower your digital advertising efforts by keeping advertising boards up-to-date, pushing live updates, and managing devices remotely.

Logistics fleet
Fleet management

Operate a fleet of vehicles with our IoT SIM and router bundle to revolutionise how you can track vehicles in real-time, monitor drivers' behaviour and provide Wi-Fi on the go.

SIm card

Connectivity powered by our multi-network SIM card

Our IoT SIM and router bundle is powered by our multi-network roaming IoT SIM card. Our solution is not tied to a single mobile network operator, increasing the resilience and reliability of the connectivity.

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What sets us apart?

Secure communication
Private APN

Enjoy enhanced security and privacy with your own Access Point Name.

IP address device
IP addressing options

Tailor your solution to your specific needs with flexible IP addressing.

SIM management on device
SIM Management Portal

Take control of your SIM cards and devices through our user-friendly management portal.

Expert support
Expert support

Count on our team of experts to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless experience.

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