Mix and Match Networks through Cellhire

Mix and Match Networks through Cellhire

To achieve success as a telecommunications reseller, you must have the ability to stand out from the crowd and offer a solution to your potential customers that exceeds your competition. Offering flexibility to your customers can enhance the customer experience making them stickier, driving longer-term revenues with a higher profit.

In today’s connected society, your customers expect a service that is robust and consistent. However, with many resellers only able to offer a single or dual network to their customers, they can quickly become hamstrung when the customer has a requirement that doesn’t align with your offering.

There is an answer though. Instead of offering your customers a singular network, why not offer them ‘multiple networks’ under one solution? By enhancing your proposition with a multiple network offering, you can present yourselves as adaptive, customer-focused and flexible making you more appealing compared to your competition.

What is ‘Mix and Match’ Networks’?

Tailored solutions offer the flexibility to provide a range of mobile networks to your customers depending on which offers the best locational coverage for the individual user, while collating all invoices under one bill. By offering a mix-and-match solution, you can not only accommodate your customer’s needs more effectively but also reduce the need for them to engage with your competitors to acquire coverage on a different network.

A mix-and-match approach can be an attractive option for a variety of potential customers. At Cellhire, we want to help you realise the potential benefits of offering multiple networks, so we've provided some scenarios that present a good opportunity for a mix-and-match network solution.

Businesses with multiple locations across the country

Relevant industries:** Retail Chains, Restaurant and Fast Food Chains, Banks, Hotels, Pharmacies, Car Dealerships, Gyms and Fitness Centres, Hospitals, Petrol Stations, Train and Bus Companies.

Numerous businesses in the UK have multiple branches for their businesses and with that comes a common challenge that these businesses face: coverage!

With many of these large establishments sourcing their connectivity for all locations through one supplier and under one mobile network, this can lead to the potential that some locations might struggle with poor network connectivity.

Each individual network provider offers a certain coverage across the UK and by only using one network to operate all their locations, they run the risk of a lack of efficiency and poor communication

By providing a mix-and-match network option, you empower your customers to personalise their contracts, guaranteeing that every location remains seamlessly connected to the most robust network available.

As a trusted partner with Cellhire, you can offer your clients the freedom to choose from the industry's UK’s top three mobile networks: Vodafone, O2, and EE. This flexibility allows them to fine-tune their connectivity solutions to precisely match their unique requirements.

Businesses with employees with differing location-based roles

Relevant industries: Healthcare, Delivery companies, Real Estate, Film and TV, Trade Shows and Expositions, Catering Services, Construction and Cleaning Companies.

In many businesses, it is common to have both an office-based team and a travelling workforce. In these circumstances, the solution that you provide for both teams could be very different. A travelling workforce requires a solution that provides on average the most consistent coverage across their operating location, while a fixed office-based team needs solution that offers the best coverage at their premises.

With many field sales teams also divided into regions or areas, a mobile network that might work for one team, may not be fit for purpose for another.

Trying to find one network that can cover and offer the best solution for every scenario is almost impossible but by providing your customers a mix-and-match offering, you can accommodate their specific needs, no matter their situation!

Why choose Cellhire as your partner?

At Cellhire we are your partner in navigating the vast world of telecommunications. Our Mix and Match Networks approach is designed to empower you as a reseller enabling you to provide tailored solutions that meet the ever-changing connectivity needs of your customers. With Cellhire you're not just a reseller you're a solutions provider committed to delivering the best possible connectivity to your customers.

Get in contact with our team at resellers@cellhire.com to learn more about our mix-and-match network opportunity and how it can benefit you and your customer's business.

Last Modified: 15/10/2023
Written by: Anthony Pulsford