Preparing for the PSTN Switch Off

Understand what the PSTN switch off means for your device while taking advantage of the digital opportunities available to grow and maximise business.

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What is the PSTN switch off?

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) supports conventional landline telephony through analogue signals on copper phone lines. However, as a 20th-century technology, the PSTN is no longer aligned with the demands of modern communication. With more and more applications relying on mobile and internet-based communication, the PSTN is no longer fit for purpose.

What does this mean for your IoT devices?

The PSTN switch of will affect devices that rely on traditional landline-based communication potentially rendering them useless. While VoIP is being adopted as a suitable alternative where voice communication is still required, a hole has emerged for devices that require a data connection. IoT SIM cards present a fantastic alternative for eliminating unnecessary cost, time, and disruption.

With access to multiple mobile networks, IoT SIMs can prioritise the strongest signal during network outage and can switch automatically, helping prevent connectivity issues.

The level of customisation and management tools available with IoT SIMs far exceeds what is currently available on PSTN and offers businesses far more control and flexibility than before.

What are the opportunities?

VoIP is still a choice for solutions where voice is needed such as lifts comms and door systems, however, there are key opportunities in specialised services, by utilising 4G/5G mobile data connectivity instead. Primary services running on ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line) can be replaced with a stronger data connection.

    Example use cases:
  • Remote monitoring
  • Lift lines
  • Intruder & alarms
  • Traffic lights
  • ATM machines
  • EPOS

Use case: street furniture

Street furniture, such as traffic lights currently run using the PSTN network. Replacing the physical connectivity with a fibre infrastructure presents significant time and heavy costs when digging up roads to make the installation.

IoT SIM cards present a fantastic opportunity to deliver connectivity thanks to the ability to connect to multi-networks, providing flexibility and reliability. The installation requires minimal disruptions to the existing infrastructure and can provide unmatched visibility to the operators.

What's the advantage of transitioning from PSTN to IoT Connectivity

Using IoT cellular IoT connectivity can not only aid the transition but provide better benefits and control for businesses across the country, while delivering greater financial opportunities for providers.

  • Widespread coverage
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Low latency
  • Reliability
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IoT Connectivity Solutions From Cellhire

Concerned about the PSTN switch off? Cellhire offers tailored IoT connectivity solutions including single and mutli-network SIM cards as well as our cutting edge IoT eSIM solution. Stay ahead of the transition with Cellhire's reliable and innovative IoT connectivity options, ensuring seamless communication in the post-PSTN era.

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