Preparing for 2G & 3G Sunsets

Understand what the 2G & 3G sunsets mean for your devices while taking advantage of the digital opportunities available to grow and maximise business.

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What are the 2G & 3G sunsets?

The 2G and 3G networks are being shut down to make room for better technology services. 2G & 3G networks are much slower and less efficient and are being shut down to free up more space on the cellular spectrum for MNOs to expand their 4G and 5G capability on a wider basis.

When will 2G and 3G be phased out?

Both sunsets do not have one final date; the timeline is scattered across the globe. In the UK however, 3G was expected to start shutting down at the beginning of 2023 and 2G services are expected to last until 2030.

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What does this mean for your connected devices?

The 2G & 3G sunsets most likely will have the biggest effect on businesses using IoT solutions that rely on 2G/3G networks. Some devices that are likely to be affected by the sunset include the following:

  • Medical alert devices
  • Alarm systems
  • Inventory trackers
  • Smart metering
  • GPS trackers

How to prepare

While most end users and business owners may not need to worry about the 2G & 3G sunsets, it is useful to enquire about your devices to ensure all systems are up to date and support 4G/5G connectivity, as some technology may still rely on 2G/3G networks without you realising. Depending on how old the product is, you may be eligible for a hardware or software upgrade. An alternative option is to consider a dedicated IoT SIM card.

Where are the opportunities to switch to an IoT SIM card?

The 2G & 3G sunsets will prompt a significant shift in various sectors towards the adoption of IoT SIM cards compatible with 4G and 5G technologies. Industries ranging from smart cities and agriculture to healthcare and manufacturing will increasingly rely on these SIM cards to enable the seamless operation of IoT devices.

    Example use cases:
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Asset monitoring
  • Inventory management
  • Telemetry
  • Surveillance
  • Healthcare
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