Cellular IoT Connectivity in Supply Chain & Logistics

Understand the advantages of utilising cellular IoT Connectivity to power your supply chain. With our tailored solutions you can tap into real-time tracking and monitoring and reduced manual intervention to improve your supply chain infrastructure.

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Why consider IoT connectivity for supply chain & logistics?

IoT SIM cards offer unmatched connectivity, making them perfect for enhancing supply chain & logistics infrastructures. Our IoT SIM cards enable real-time data, improving efficiency, enhancing customer experience, and offering a range of cost-saving and sustainability benefits, ultimately helping logistics businesses stay competitive and efficient.

What are the key benefits of using IoT connectivity for Supply Chain & Logistics?

Real-time tracking on device
Real-time tracking & monitoring

IoT SIM cards allows for real-time tracking and monitoring of assets such as products, vehicles, and customer deliveries. This provides customers with real-time updates on the status and location of their orders while enabling companies to have precise visibility into the location and status of their assets throughout the supply chain.

Delivery notifications
Delivery notifications

With IoT SIM cards, automated delivery notifications can be sent to customers, informing them of estimated delivery times, delays, or other important information. This improves communication and customer service.

Logistics fleet tracking
Fleet tracking

IoT SIM cards allow companies to track the location and performance of vehicles in real-time, optimising routes, reducing fuel consumption, and improving overall efficiency. Fleet tracking also enhances security by helping to recover stolen vehicles.

Stock tracking and monitoring
Stock tracking and monitoring

IoT SIM cards can be used to monitor the condition and location of inventory and stock in warehouses and distribution centres.

Where are the opportunities to utilise IoT connectivity for supply chain & logistics?

IoT security

There are numerous opportunities to utilise IoT connectivity in supply chain and logistics across various stages of the process, including:

  • Asset tracking and monitoring
  • Inventory management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Customer experience enhancement
  • Data-driven decision-making

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How to choose the right IoT connectivity solution for your supply chain & logistics needs

Selecting the right IoT connectivity solution for your supply chain & logistics needs is crucial to ensure reliable, secure, and efficient operations. Follow these key steps to help you make the right choice:

  1. Define your goals and objectives for implementing IoT in your supply chain and logistics. What specific problems or challenges are you trying to address?
  2. Identify the specific use cases and applications where IoT will be applied. Consider asset tracking, inventory management, predictive maintenance, route optimisation, and other relevant areas.
  3. Assess the physical environment in which your IoT devices will operate. Factors such as geography, temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions may impact your choice of IoT connectivity.
  4. Assess the power requirements of your IoT devices. Depending on the application, you may need devices with long battery life or those that can be powered by external sources.
  5. Determine the data transmission rates needed for your applications. Some IoT solutions are designed for low-data-rate applications, while others support higher data rates for more data-intensive tasks.
  6. Security is paramount in IoT. Ensure that the chosen connectivity solution offers robust security features to protect your data and devices. Consider encryption, authentication, and secure device management.
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Choosing Cellhire: a partnership for success

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