Contingency Planning

Contingency Planning - Remote Working

Cellhire is ready to help with your contingency planning and can provide customised Work from Home solutions for businesses of all sizes, in incredibly short timeframes.

Have you considered mobile connectivity in your contingency planning?

Cellhire can provide cost-effective mobile solutions on a short or long-term rental basis, including:

  • Mobile Hotspots - providing secure, high speed data connectivity.
  • Smartphones - iPhone & Android.
  • A choice of networks including Vodafone, O2, EE, and an all network UK roaming SIM for the ultimate contingency plan.
  • Satellite Phones.

Customised solutions for home workers

Stay connected and on top of business with an optimised work-from-home mobile solution. With a large selection of cost-effective data bundles, secure connectivity, the latest smartphones, tablets & data devices, Cellhire will deliver expert connectivity for your business.

Network Plans for Your Devices

As a partner of the three leading UK networks (Vodafone, O2 & EE), Cellhire provides unbiased advice and a large choice of connectivity options, including a UK roaming SIM for connectivity to any UK network.

Forget multiple bills and contracts, Cellhire will provide one simple bill and contract to manage, whatever your selection of networks.

Ensure you have the best connectivity wherever you’re based in the country, mix-and-matching networks to get the best coverage.

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