Paris 2024 Mobile Connectivity

Experience seamless voice and data connectivity with Cellhire for Paris 2024.

Cellhire, the partner of choice for Paris 2024.

With more than 30 years of experience in delivering connectivity solutions, we are bringing this expertise to the Paris 2024 games. Whether you’re looking for a local number, a data solution or hardware, we can keep you connected across the course of the event.

Cellhire’s Paris 2024 connectivity solutions

Discover our range of connectivity solutions for Paris 2024.

Voice and data plans
Voice and data plans

Stay connected with colleagues at home and abroad with our range of local voice and data plans.

Data-only solutions
Data-only solutions

Looking for connectivity for your equipment while at the event? Or just want to stay connected to your emails in France? We’ve got a range of competitive data-only plans available.

Smartphone rental
Smartphone rental

Need a device while in France that can connect to the local network? We’ve got all the range smartphones available to hire for the event.

Portable Wi-Fi and satellite device rental
Portable Wi-Fi and satellite device rental

Looking for reliable connectivity on-the-go? We’ve got you covered with our portable Wi-Fi and Satellite Phone solutions.

Why choose Cellhire for your Paris 2024 connectivity needs?

IoT construction worker onsite

Our nurtured relationship with Orange France gives us the opportunity to provide you with local solutions that guarantee top-tier connectivity throughout the event. With our partnership, you can expect seamless coverage, lightning-fast data speeds and unrivalled reliability.

Dedicated support

Cellhire is committed to ensuring your Paris 2024 experience is flawless. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance, resolve connectivity issues and make real-time adjustments to keep you connected. We also have a concierge desk in central Paris if you require face-to-face support.

Wide range of hardware

Whether you need voice & data SIMs, data-only SIMs or a fleet of smartphones to keep your team in contact, we are here to assist you. Furthermore, if you require specialised equipment we can supply everything from portable MiFi devices to satellite phones, we have everything necessary to keep you connected.

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