Data SIM and MiFi



Connect multiple smartphones, laptops and tablets to the internet as you travel across USA with a high speed USA Data SIM and MiFi device. Take advantage of our huge 5 GB data bundle to get email, browse the web and keep up with social media while you're travelling.


  • 5 GB data bundle
  • 4G speeds ˣ
  • USA Data SIM and 4G MiFi
  • MiFi connects to connect laptops, tablets, smartphones, iPhones
  • Fully tested with 24 Hour Global Support
  • Arrives ready to go
  • Prepaid return pack included
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ˣ Subject to network coverage.


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  • Convenient - Stay connected to your online world wherever you travel to.
  • Reassurance - MiFi devices are fully tested and guaranteed to work.
  • No Fuss - Don’t struggle trying to use slow WiFi connections.
  • Low Cost - Daily rates from other suppliers are much more expensive.
  • Peace of Mind - Hassle-free replacement should anything go wrong.
  • Ready to Roll - MiFi devices come fully charged with SIMs installed and ready to use.
  • Backup - 24 hour support from eight global offices from Dallas to Tokyo.
  • Hassle Free - Cellhire MiFi devices just work, so you can enjoy your trip.