Online Billing Portal

Everything you need to mange your account

Cellhire recognises how important it is to stay in total control of your mobile devices and calls. The online billing portal is a website giving you immediate access to connections, invoicing, call detail and unbilled calls.

The portal is accessed through a secure login and you may create accounts to view all connections or a single account. Every page of information allows you to sort, filter, query and drill into increasing detail and what’s more - any information can be exported into Excel.

Use the Connections screen to:

  • View any mobile device currently in use
  • Check on invoiced spend and unbilled calls per line
  • Check on the agreed tariff and call rates
  • View and filter using your own reference information
  • View a call analysis per line using pie charts and graphs

Use the Unbilled Calls screen to:

  • Verify the call-by-call detail of any connection appearing in Credit Alert
  • View the total of unbilled calls by account and by line
  • View the voice/sms usage in total or in the current calendar month
  • View the data use in total or in the current month
  • Check on data usage against bundle size

Use the Invoices screen to

  • View the PDF for any invoice or itemised bill for your accounts
  • Drill into the breakdown of each invoice by type and by call

The Cellhire online billing portal is a powerful web tool that lets you stay in total control of your account and get the answers you need quickly and simply. For more information, watch our video.

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