IoT for Retail

The high street retail experience has never been under so much pressure. With the internet retail experience massively gaining in popularity and buying habits evolving to the point where customers demand access to everything, and expect it without delay. The only way to compete is by ensuring that the retail experience offered to customers is informative, accurate, engaging and above all frictionless.

Cellhire offers a range of services that utilise the latest technology to enable your staff to have instant access to stock levels, take credit & debit card payments, have access to simplified processes and above all capture the imagination of your customers.

Office in a Box
Stock Control
Digital Signage
Managed Tablet

Office in a Box

Office in a Box is a Cellular solution that provides full WAN connectivity over a Cellular mobile data connection. Powered by an IoT (Internet of Things) service, Cellhire can deliver a cost-effective, rapidly deployed connectivity solution for customers that serves to extend their WAN footprint in places where and when needed.

Stock Control

The internet retail experience has improved dramatically in the last two years. However, the in-store customer journey can often be an underwhelming experience in comparison. The purchasing process can invariable take too long to complete, resulting in customer frustration and the potential loss of a sale.

Cellhire stock control reduces the friction of the whole process from stock enquiries, price comparison, click and collect, request for assistance to upselling. Utilising IoT, beacons and smart devices has empowered the workforce, simplified and improved the upsell process and increased customer engagement and retention.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage offers bright, vibrant imagery that gets your message seen by more people. The use of audio, video and interactive touch displays promotes higher engagement levels with your potential customers. The displays are limitless and can be updated effortlessly to ensure fresh content and fresh engagement. Dynamically display different content at different times of the day to attract your target demographic.

Cellhire can provide for all your business needs including bespoke software, training, support packages, installation services, Hardware and IoT airtime that can work on any local cellular network to ensure that your Digital Signage can be remotely monitored and have content updated over the air.


Cellhire provides Kiosk solutions that are intuitive, versatile and secure. The systems are designed so that transactions can be completed in seconds ensuring that customer queue times are kept to an absolute minimum. Sales, refunds and exchanges can all be completed simply. The user interface is intuitive, designed to ensure that customers can interact without support, and staff training can be completed within minutes.

Cellhire can design, develop and manufacture the hardware and software for digital Kiosk Solutions. Anything from Digital e-top up, Checkout, Check-In, Postal Services and Print Kiosks. From Basic information displays to complex transactional systems.

Managed Tablet

Cellhire offers an IoT Managed Tablet that is designed to work on any mobile network across the Globe. Even if you are not travelling overseas, you can still gain an advantage with an IoT Managed Tablet as it can work on any mobile network within the UK or your local country. This means you can either let you tablet choose the strongest mobile signal or you can select for yourself. No more frustration of having a mobile device on a mobile network that is not available where you are. With Cellhire’s IoT Managed Tablet you are in control and are able to work, wherever you are.

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