IoT for Healthcare

The most precious thing we have is our friends and family and the most important thing we can do is to ensure their wellbeing. Providing technology to this sector has to be flexible, durable and above all reliable.

Cellhire has a range of services that provide technologies to the most vulnerable in society, ensuring that they are able to remain protected whilst living in the community and remaining in their homes.

Asset Recovery
Office in a Box
Managed Tablet
Mobile Telecare

Asset Recovery

Cellhire Asset Tracking is a feature rich, low cost solution with zero installation and maintenance costs. Enjoy considerable costs savings and no administrative overheads over rival products, resulting in a rapid return on investment. With up to 15 years reporting from the built-in battery and a near indestructible unit design, once installed, there’s no need for to go to the unit for charging or maintenance. Couple with ground breaking technology that is designed to beat jamming technology used by thieves and access to the inclusive “boots on the ground” Finder Service, Cellhire is offering a best in class service.

Office in a Box

Office in a Box is a Cellular solution that provides full WAN connectivity over a Cellular mobile data connection. Powered by an IoT (Internet of Things) service, Cellhire can deliver a cost-effective, rapidly deployed connectivity solution for customers that serves to extend their WAN footprint in places where and when needed.

Managed Tablet

Cellhire offers an IoT Managed Tablet that is designed to work on any mobile network across the Globe. Even if you are not travelling overseas, you can still gain an advantage with an IoT Managed Tablet as it can work on any mobile network within the UK or your local country. This means you can either let you tablet choose the strongest mobile signal or you can select for yourself. No more frustration of having a mobile device on a mobile network that is not available where you are. With Cellhire’s IoT Managed Tablet you are in control and are able to work, wherever you are.

Mobile Telecare

Cellhire offers a Mobile Telecare Solution that provides a service for vulnerable independent people as well as a real alternative to more traditional Orange Cord Services that are found in care homes and warden controlled housing. There are many Vulnerable Groups in today’s society but they all share one thing in common, the desire and need to hold onto their independence. Mobile Telecare from Cellhire can help facilitate this by providing technology that is mobile and can foster safer independence everywhere.

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