IoT eUICC – An Overview to IoT eSIMs

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IoT eUICC – An Overview to IoT eSIMs

What is IoT eUICC?

The term eUICC refers to an Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card, also known as an embedded SIM or an IoT eSIM. It is a technology in the field of Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards designed to be permanently integrated into a device instead of being easily replaceable like traditional SIM cards. The eUICC technology provides numerous advantages and features that enhance the flexibility and convenience of mobile communication devices.

eUICC or IoT eSIMs differ significantly from traditional mobile eSIMs which are primarily associated with consumer mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. While both types of eSIMs share the fundamental concept of replacing physical SIM cards with embedded, programmable chips, their functionalities and intended applications vary considerably.

In the realm of IoT and M2M communications, eUICCs play a crucial role by enabling seamless connectivity for a wide array of devices like smart meters, connected cars, industrial sensors, and more.

What are the benefits of an IoT eUICC?

There are a range of benefits that an eUICC offers when trying to connect IoT devices.

eUICC enables global connectivity for IoT and M2M devices

IoT eUICC-enabled devices, with the right data plan, can connect to various mobile networks around the world. For example, at Cellhire, we have permanent roaming agreements in 191 countries and on over 430 networks. eUICC-enabled devices can also be remotely provisioned so regardless of where your equipment is, you are in complete control of its connectivity.

eUICC increases flexibility and scalability

The embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC) technology allows for seamless remote updates and changes of subscription profiles in devices, providing greater flexibility to adapt to changing network conditions and user requirements. This advanced capability not only enables scalability but also future-proofs IoT deployments.

eUICC reduces operational costs

One of the benefits of eUICC-enabled devices is that they can be provisioned remotely, which can lead to reduced or eliminated costs. Unlike traditional SIM cards that require physical interaction to make changes, eUICC-enabled devices can be switched over the air, which eliminates the need for any physical intervention.

What is the difference between a mobile eSIM and eUICC

There are two types of SIM technology: Mobile eSIM and eUICC. Although they are related, they have different applications and functions. The eSIM is a digital SIM card that can either be embedded in a device or downloaded and activated on compatible devices. It allows users to remotely activate cellular plans, switch between carriers, and eliminate the need for physical SIM cards. It is traditionally delivered through the use of a QR code.

The eUICC is a more comprehensive technology primarily used in IoT and M2M applications. The eUICC hosts multiple SIM profiles on a single chip, enabling remote provisioning and management of various carrier profiles without physically swapping SIM cards. While the eSIM is user-focused and facilitates carrier switching in consumer devices like smartphones and tablets, the eUICC offers a standardized approach to managing connectivity in diverse IoT deployments. It allows devices to seamlessly switch between networks and carriers.

What are common applications for eUICC in IoT and M2M?

eUICC for security and surveillance

In the realm of security applications, eUICC technology plays a vital role in enabling seamless connectivity and remote management of various systems that comprise a comprehensive security network. From CCTV cameras to access control systems and alarms, eUICC ensures constant connectivity and remote monitoring capabilities, thus enhancing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of security systems.

eUICC for telematics and trackers

eUICC technology is a versatile connectivity solution for telematics devices like vehicle and pet trackers, and wearables. It offers remote management capabilities and uninterrupted connectivity by allowing seamless transitions between different network providers. eUICC facilitates continuous connectivity in pet tracking devices and enables constant connectivity in wearables for transmitting health data and enabling various functionalities. The flexibility and remote management capabilities of eUICC make it an optimal solution for enhancing connectivity and functionality in diverse telematic devices across different industries.

eUICC for healthcare devices

eUICC technology improves healthcare connectivity and functionality. eUICC enables remote patient monitoring, medical device connectivity, and telemedicine. With eUICC, medical devices can continuously transmit vital health data from patients for real-time monitoring by healthcare providers. This ensures timely interventions for individuals with chronic conditions or those in remote locations. The flexibility and remote management capabilities of eUICC make it a valuable asset in the healthcare sector, facilitating continuous and reliable connectivity for various medical devices and telemedicine applications.

eUICC from Cellhire

Cellhire is a leading provider of IoT eUICC/IoT eSIM solutions. Cellhire's IoT eUICC solution enables your business to easily connect and manage devices worldwide with agreements in place with over 430 network operators across 191 countries. Our eUICC solution provides reliable and flexible support for efficient global IoT operations, making it an essential tool for you to unlock the full potential of your IoT devices.

Our IoT eUICC solution includes:

  • Access to 4 UK networks;
  • Un-steered solutions that connect to the strongest network;
  • Security with static IP (private & public), SSL;
  • VPN and IPSEC options;
  • Protection that permits permanent roaming;
  • Commercials that improve margin at the same rate across UK & EU;
  • A SIM management portal that provides access to live data
Last Modified: 05/12/2023
Written by: Dan McDonnell