Cellhire launches bespoke connectivity for the construction industry - a core component of digital construction

Cellhire launches bespoke connectivity for the construction industry - a core component of digital construction

Cellhire, a major player in mobile connectivity, launches a dedicated worldwide connectivity solution for the construction industry, effective immediately. Tailored to the requirements of construction teams, it addresses connectivity challenges faced during projects, especially in remote and temporary locations where traditional fixed connectivity may be unavailable - and network signals can be weak, with some non-existent.

The offering comprises Cellhire’s new multi-network SIM bundles, which allow devices to automatically switch between the UK’s leading networks for optimal performance while supporting businesses with international footprints. This is made possible through Cellhire’s recent agreement with Orange France. The deal gives Cellhire access to hundreds of networks around the world.

Construction sites can benefit from short-term provision WiFi made possible by Cellhire’s mobile routers with multi-network SIM cards inside. As construction projects are often temporary in nature, Cellhire’s mobile routers provide an easy and effective way to keep sites connected without the hassle of fixed line.

“Multi-network SIMs provide a crucial safety net by minimising the risk of network failures, meaning operations stay on track even in remote locations or during network fluctuations,” says Cellhire Managing Director Matt Bennett.

Digital construction

“With digital construction becoming more prevalent,” he adds, “the need for robust connectivity is greater than ever. From drones to communication devices and on-site connectivity, all can now be powered by more reliable mobile connectivity.

“As a core component of digital construction management, our offering helps to create and maintain communication between different work sites and personnel, regardless of location.”

The solution includes IoT connectivity and is suited to a wide range of businesses operating in the sector including construction and civil engineering firms, project managers, architects, water companies and rental equipment companies. “It empowers construction companies to enhance their operations and communication, particularly in demanding global projects, with high-quality, real-time communication and reporting," says Bennett.

Cellhire is running an awareness campaign progressing into 2024 for the construction industry, highlighting the benefits of mobile connectivity and raising awareness of the common challenges that are faced and how the company can help to overcome them.

Proven track record

Cellhire's reputation for providing reliable connectivity solutions is well-established. Bennett notes, "We have already demonstrated our capabilities to construction companies through the provision of data connectivity at major construction projects, including large-scale infrastructure developments and smaller building projects.”

Last Modified: 03/01/2024
Written by: Ella Dykes