Instructions will be sent with your handset.


Is the deposit actually taken from my account?

Yes. Please note, with Satellite Phone Rental the procedure is slightly different, call Cellhire for details.

When will my deposit be refunded?

Your deposit will be refunded in full after the equipment has been returned. Please note that due to billing variations from different networks all calls may not be included on the initial invoice. You may therefore receive subsequent invoices to cover these unbilled charges.

What is an authorisation?

An authorisation is different to a deposit because the funds are not actually taken from the account. Your bank will place a spending limit on your account while the authorisation is being used, and then once returned your account will revert to its level before the authorisation.

Can I open an account with Cellhire?

Yes. Businesses are welcome to open a corporate account. Repeat hiring will entitle you to discounted rental and call charges on your account. For details on how to set up an account contact Cellhire.

When will I receive my bill?

Invoices are generated within three working days of the equipment being returned, or 14 days from the rental commencing - whichever is soonest.

Delivery & Collection

Does Cellhire deliver outside the UK?

Yes. Cellhire will deliver across the globe, subject to charges and customs restrictions. Call Cellhire for information on worldwide delivery procedures.

Can you deliver my phone to the airport?

Unfortunately due to Airport security, it is not possible to deliver packages to an airport. The solution is to have the equipment sent through to your destination (for example, a hotel or business address subject to checks) or to have the phone delivered before you travel.

Can Cellhire do same day delivery?

Yes. A small surcharge may apply, call Cellhire for details.

How do I end my rental?

Just call the courier to arrange return. When Cellhire receive the equipment it will be "off-hired" and the rental will cease.

How do I return my phone?

Depending on where you travel, the return procedures vary slightly. The procedure is very straightforward however, and is explained within the rental pack that you will receive with your equipment. Charges apply until the collection is booked.

What time will my phone be delivered?

Standard delivery is before 5:30pm, timed delivery services are available on request.

What time will my phone be collected?

The day after you call to terminate the rental. Couriers place priority on deliveries taking place on time; it is for this reason that collection times cannot be guaranteed. The important point to note is that a late collection by the courier does not affect your final invoice amount; the rental will cease when you call to notify Cellhire.