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International SIM Cards - SIMSmartâ„¢

Cellhire is able to provide voice and data solutions with local airtime for both short and long term business. Under our SIMSmart portfolio we can provide local airtime with our global network partners in over 35 countries across the world.

Mobile Phones

With an ever increasing demand for rental equipment to complement our voice and data connections Cellhire now has over 70,000 handsets, with a full range of stock ranging from GSM handsets through to the latest smartphones. We often sub-rent equipment to our resellers for event based demand or release handsets for sale with a range of special offers.

Mobile Wi-Fi Routers

Connect to the internet anywhere in the world with Cellhire's 3G mobile routers. Cellhire's pocket-sized Wi-Fi routers feature the latest in mobile internet technology, allowing you to connect your laptop, tablet and smartphone to a reliable internet connection while on the move. We often sub-rent routers to our partners for event based demand or release routers for sale with a range of special offers.


OptiSIM provides the most extensive mobile coverage in the UK. Through a roaming agreement with all four major UK operators, this special SIM card accesses an alternative network signal, should the primary network be unavailable for any reason, to ensure connectivity.

Satellite Phones

Satellite phone solutions are essential in delivering communication services to and from remote areas around the world where standard networks are simply not available. As a global satellite phone service provider Cellhire can provide airtime over the Iridium, Thurya and Inmarsat networks. We also offer the latest in light-weight and compact satellite phones including the Inmarsat Isatphone Pro.

Cellhire Push to Talk

The Cellhire Push to Talk service allows your field workers to keep in constant touch with the office as well as each other. By using mobile phones instead of 2-way radios, Push to Talk also allows you to better manage equipment costs as staff need only carry one device. Communicating with Push to Talk is instantaneous as there is always an open voice channel and no need to dial a number.

Vismo - Global Tracking Solutions

Our sister company Vismo has developed a global mobile tracking solution which allows companies and organisations to track protect and respond to employees as they travel around the world. A simple software application is downloaded to their smartphone or satellite phone and a secure website is used to display location information.

Visit the Vismo website

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