Cellhire On Demand

High Speed Data Roaming On Demand

Regain complete control over employees' data roaming usage with Cellhire On Demand. Benefit from the secure online portal to activate and deactivate bundles over the air and respond rapidly to changing travel plans. Cellhire On Demand removes the need to wait for SIM delivery, cutting activation time to give data as and when needed. Instantly activate large data bundles at a low cost, monitor usage on every SIM and receive alerts as bundle limits are approached.

Cellhire On Demand


  • Instant availability - activate SIM cards on demand over the air
  • Worldwide coverage: 98+ countries
  • Central pool of SIM & MiFi devices provided – only pay for what you activate and use
  • Connect multiple devices using a MiFi
  • Monitor individual's usage – receive high usage alerts


  • Gives businesses complete control
  • Cheaper rates – easily renewable bundles
  • Eliminates multiple shipping costs
  • Reduces data roaming costs and helps avoid overage
  • Re-assign SIMs to users at any time
  • Includes baring function to protect against theft and loss

For more information, or to arrange a trial please call +44 (0) 1904 610 610