Intelligent IoT

Intelligent IoT - Monitor, Manage, Secure

The definition of intelligent states “having a good understanding”, “having a high mental capacity” and “displaying quickness of understanding, sound thought and judgment”.

Cellhire uses intelligent to mean the ability to monitor mobile usage, manage costs and to ensure a secure deployment of your mobile fleet. Cellhire also uses the word intelligent to mean a service that can work on multiple UK networks, automatically secure the strongest cellular signal and have a cost-effective tariff that can pool Data, Voice and SMS across the entire user base. Not only can Cellhire offer this, it can do so whilst presenting a UK +44 Telephone Number. Do you call that Intelligent?

+44 Multi SIM
IoT Freedom
Cost Control

+44 Multi SIM

Cellhire offers an IoT SIM, that can work on multiple UK Networks, is enabled for data, voice and SMS and can present a +44 number when making a call or sending an SMS.

Built around your needs, Cellhire can provide advice on the most suitable solution for airtime, hardware and services based on your applications, job role, people and business requirements.

IoT Freedom

IoT SIMs are not always easy to access. They could be situated in vehicles, machinery, Plant Equipment, Control Units, Kiosk, Car Washes and a whole range of other equipment. The cost to change out a SIM would start with a trip to the unit it is installed in, which would often outweigh any savings that would be made from changing to a new supplier. Cellhire offers an IoT SIM that fits around your needs, moving you onto a tariff that suits your needs today, on the network that works for you.

Cost Control

Cellhire understands how important it is to manage budgets and remove the risk of shock, when you receive your mobile bill. Cellhire has a range of services that span its IoT Range and more traditional services that help you monitor, alert and control your mobile usage for data, voice and SMS.

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